Deb Hart's Non-Profit Pink Sistas

Women suffering from breast cancer are obviously very vulnerable. Often times they must go through the process with little support and even less opportunity to receive information, education and camaraderie with others going through the same thing at the same time. Our fund raisers are specifically orchestrated to give women some of those very things, while at the same time raising money to send women to attend our Columbia River Retreats. The retreats focus on thriving after diagnosis of breast cancer through many activities such as networking with other thrivers, yoga, art, kayaking/paddle boarding, social outings and much needed R&R.

Pink Sistas Mission

Our mission is to provide events that will allow us to give women some of those very things. Additionally, our events give us the support to allow us to provide women with the opportunity to attend one of our special Columbia River THRIVER Retreat weekends.