"Deb Collins Hart's courageous journey of how she continues to survive and thrive in light of these devastating events is an amazing testament of a mother's love and human spirit!"

"Deb is an amazing speaker who has made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes with her energy, honesty and real-life stories. She has the ability to evoke emotion that always leaves me inspired!"

"Are you now walking through the valley in the shadow of death? Do you feel torn apart? Alone? Separated from God and all that is good? Take heart. You are not alone. Deb Collins Hart has been there before you, more than once. She climbed out of the valley and is living strong today. This is a lady you need to hear. Her inspiring story will lift you out of that valley and she will walk with you upward toward the summit that right now you can't even see. Deb Collins Hart is a life changer. Give her a chance to change yours."

Alan G. Taylor

Best selling author and international lecturer

"Deb has the unique gift to be transparent to her audience as she shares her life's tragedies with lightness and a bit of whimsy in her presentation. She beautifully conveys joy in the midst of heartache, strength even when life spins out of control and courage to go on to face whatever challenges life may bring. Her message speaks to me especially because we both experienced the tragedy of losing our dearly loved sons. Anyone faced with heavy life trials will walk away feeling lighter and with a new sense of encouragement to carry on and find your own strength and joy."

"Deb is a dear friend, confidant and "SISTA" to many. Her tireless energy, hopeful spirit and generous nature are infectious. I've known her all my life, from school days when she was voted, "Funniest" through raising our kids together to working together on her non-profit. Yes, her mother used to say, "If everyone would do it like DEB does it, the world would be a better place!" And yes she was being facetious, but in all honesty, the world IS a better place the way DEB does it."

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